DESTA Headquarters

The history began in 1980, full of emotion and determination. There were many difficulties and the resources were few, but the inspiration and the power of our passion won. In this way we started our climbing, step by step.
After more than thirty years, the small workshop becomes an industry. Production increases and diversifies into many different clerical sectors of products, all made in a modern factory of 7,000 square meters. There are four main production lines: tailoring and clothing, woodworking, metalworking, also with precious metals, production of wafers and particles for altar bread. We are supported in our factory by thirty skilled workers which use advanced technology and equipment.
Using CAD systems, our design team develops our products by taking into consideration prevailing style and design preferences, as well as quality optimizing raw materials in order to achieve a competitive pricing and to meet the needs of our various clerical Customers.
A high degree of flexibility within our production process allows us to design an infinite range of products to be distributed either indivudally or in bulk orders, depending on the particular needs of each of our Customers.

Further, because we are dedicated to a high degree of customer satisfaction, we are constantly seeking new graphic design options for all of our vestments in order to keep our products fresh and interesting.
We consider ourselves to be an industry with a craftmaker's heart. We guarantee that each order will be manufactured with utmost care, be it an individual item or a large bulk order. Every step of the production process will be done in-house, and, if necessary, all promotional and advertising materials can be provided by ourselves, as well.
As we conclude, we can never forget that without our faithful customers and our precious staff we would have no story to tell.
And so, to all of them and all of our future customers, we want to say THANK YOU.


DESTA in the world

Ours is a story that began in 1980 in a small artisan workshop that becomes, over the years, with much sacrifice and firm will, meditated foresight and traditional but still innovative ideals, an important Italian family industry.

DESTA's shirts DESTA's chasubles

Over the course of over 35 years of constant commitment and thanks above all to the ever-changing demands of the Customers, the major categories of the articles created by our increasingly specialized staff are characterized day after day. In the new factory, of 7000 square meters, four main production areas are divided: tayloring of clerical apparel and vestments, production of Altar bred, processing of metal and precious metals, woodworking.

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From clerical to lay production the step is short, because the demands of those who know the quality of our work increase continuosly. From the creation of institutional banners to the famous gowns for lawyers and magistrates all becomes the encouragement for our new continuous challenges.

DESTA's banners DESTA's gowns for lawyers

Seriality and the detail of each article are treated with equal care. The search for new styles and care for what is tailored to the Customer is followed and defined, up to the detail, inside our establishment.
The quality of Made in Italy has been and still remains today, for DESTA, not only a theory but a real professional practice.
Our passion still remains to serve the Customer seriously first of all. As a good tradition.